Long Arm Quilting


Quilting prices are calculated by the square inch. To find the square inches of your quilt top, multiply the width by the length.

Example: 83” x 100” = 8,300 sq. inches.

Multiply this number by the amount shown for desired pattern.

Example: 8,300 x $.012 = $99.60

Minimum Quilting Charge/Project : $35

Large edge to edge design: $.012 sq. in. An edge to edge design stitched from border to border over the top. These designs are larger and may have 1/2”- 4” between stitch lines

Small edge to edge design: $.018 sq in. An edge to edge design stitched from border to border over the top. These designs are closer and may have 1/4” – 1” between stitch lines.

Basting for hand quilting: $.005 sq. in. Quilt is basted horizontally and vertically in a 4” grid using long stitches for easy removal.

Additional Services

Rush order fee $50 additional

Specialty thread charge $10 This fee is only for variegated or specialty threads. Single color cotton or nylon thread is included in price of quilting. Remember when choosing backing fabric, a busy print that matches the colors in the top works best. The thread color chosen for the top will also be used in the bobbin.

Cotton Batting $12/yd Feel free to provide your own quality batting but please choose quality batting. Not all bargain batts are compatible with longarm quilting.

Pressing backing or quilt top charge: $10 per piece

Piecing backing charge: $10 per seam

All work is done in a pet free, smoke free quilting studio.

References available upon request.

Preparing your quilt

  • Do not attach top, batting, and backing in any fashion. No pins or basting.
  • Backing must be squared up and measure 5” larger than top on all sides.
  • Any quilt with bias edges on the outside or seams that run to the edges of the quilt should be stay stitched 1/4” around the outside perimeter of the quilt top to help prevent stretching or popping of seams
  • Top and backing must be pressed well with all loose threads trimmed. Remember, puckers in piecing will still show after quilting.
  • If backing must be pieced, remove the selvages, use a 1/2” seam allowance, and press open.
  • Mark the top of the quilt top, batting and backing with a safety pin so that I know which direction to load the quilt
  • When adding borders, it’s best to use the lengthwise grain of the fabric. I can compensate for slight fullness in the borders, but I cannot guarantee that there will not be some tucks or puckers (these are very evident on solid colored borders). With your permission, I can take off and fix borders at the rate of $20/hour.
  • Got questions? Just call or email me.